About us

Who we are

Your situation is different, you operate in a non-traditional industry. That just happens to be where we excel, and that is why we are based in Southern California.

Mission & Vision

We drive bottom line results in the complexity of highly regulated, competitive industries. Our difference is that we have decades of experience delivering in industries that have restrictions in pricing, advertising, market selection, and product delivery. Our consultants hail from finance, credit, casino-hospitality, retail, cannabis, and adult products. We understand the complexities of planning and executing in industries where customers are hard to acquire, building brand equity is challenging, and the distribution channels are complicated and interrelated. Our service portfolio includes on-going strategic advisement for entrepreneurs to project execution, customized for the client and the engagement.

Our Strategy

Our goal is to drive long-term value for clients through measured planning, consensus-building, and superior execution. Each clientis unique, from growth to maturity, we are experienced to provide experienced guidance. We have on-staff experts in marketing, finance and accounting, plus service delivery and we have a network of trusted professionals in legal compliance, supply chain, in addition to other functional experts.

Let’s chat about how we can help you yield the most from your business.

Industry Experience

We specialize in complex, highly – regulated markets that are different from traditional industries.

"“They make analytics approachable. They have the ability to connect with the learner and take multiple approaches…” " –Chris Gaines, former Brand Manager, Progrexion, Inc.  company name - Ceo
"“The ability to first analyze the market, to understand that consumer, to work with that labor force and create an experience and value that competed in that market was truly very impressive…”" – Doug Burkhalter, former Chief Marketing Officer- Isle of Capri Casinos, Inc. htmlbeans - ceo
"“… showing me clear statistics in multiple ways and making specific suggestions for making changes and projecting the positive outcome, made the difference. We followed through with EVERY suggestion.” –   " Susan Colvin, CEO & Founder- CEN, LLC WP CREATIVE - CEO

The Team

Our management team has over 80 years’ of combined experience in finance, marketing, and strategy with leading growth in highly competitive environments.


Joshua LeDuff


Alexandra Failmezger


Amanda Totaro


Strategic Advisement

We provide options. The view from the outside-in can look very different than the inside-out, unbiased and balanced. Yet, a truly valuable set of choices adds the perspective of the team, insiders, and other stakeholders.
We don’t prescribe, we collaborate. Above all, a good strategy is providing guidance through execution. Therefore, we stay with you through every step of the journey. From research to implementation we are obsessive about cross-functional collaboration in delivering solutions that stick.
Committed to providing a solution that fits your unique situation, we’re flexible in how we structure engagements. We can work on a monthly flat fee, retainer, or on a project basis, serving functions such as:

–       Strategy Officer
–       Marketing Officer
–       Financial Officer
–       Project Team

Go To Market Planning

Did you know that there are five ways to grow? Therefore, it’s imperative that you choose the one best suited for your situation.
As a start-up, quickly building a consumer base and, often, positioning yourself for capital investors. We can help you select the right path to position yourself to consumers and investors. However, as a market leader in a mature industry, you are worried about growth and protecting your brand from constant attack. We can help you plan to consolidate gains, leverage strengths, and find a path to growth.

To these ends, we provide our clients a  portfolio of services to determine the best market, position, and structure to help compete.

– Brand strategy
– Market research
– Competitive analysis
– White space definition
– Audience planning
– New market expansion

Pricing and Analytics

Data is everywhere. “Big Data” consumes today’s business articles and conversations.
We believe that like other industries, despite higher regulations, non-traditional
industries should be capitalizing on data to make better business decisions around their
products, prices, and marketing.
So, you can’t afford a Chief Data Officer or a team of analysts on staff. We provide
analytic solutions when you need them.  For example, on which products can you raise price? Which
products should be put on special? Where is there white space in the market?
These questions are only the starting point. Let us help you find solutions to these
issues and others.
– Price Increases
– Promotional planning
– Inventory optimization
– Product mix analysis
– Channel attribution
– Product planning
– Marketing technology

Demand Generation

Executing good plans can be challenging. You have the right product, but how can you get all the pieces to fit better? While other companies have a vast array of
options to build their brands, yours are much more limited. Certain channels don’t want
to work with you while others have restrictions on your relationships.
As CEO, you’ve picked great talent, but they’re doing all they can to manage the day-to-day. We
provide a second layer of support to test new channels. We seek new means for acquisition,
and help your team innovate in retaining your customers.
From above-the-line marketing to below-the-line, we will help you explore new ways to
generate demand and superior returns. Let us help you develop, grow, and innovate
your sales and distribution practices.
– Sales and Distribution
– Marketing best practice development
– Channel management
– Retailer marketing
– Product education
– Promotions and point-of-purchase
– Customer experience management