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Business Plan Template (basic)

Building a Business Plan

Key elements to consider

Routinely, I get requests to build business plans for small and medium businesses. Banks and investors require that those seeking capital have thought through the challenges of their business, made a plan, and have forecasted their operations prior to opening. The more data and scenarios that can be processed into the model generally gives a better view of the challenges and risks associated with the plan’s deployment.

The attached spreadsheet is a very basic business model in excel that allows a business owner or entrepreneur a framework to use to analyze their new idea. This is not a fully comprehensive model with a valuation analysis and market study, which I may provide to a client, could get someone started on their own.

When complete, the entrepreneur will hopefully have all the clarity that they need to put together an investment deck or presentation for a bank or capital firm. Consider this the foundation that must be done prior to putting that document together. It helps to have this level of analysis done with assumptions documented so that one is ready to quickly move to step 2 after the investment pitch goes well.

Key concepts presented in this business plan start with strategy but culminate in a forecast. I hope that you find this helpful.

Business Plan Template