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Investor pitch decks are par for the course in approaching people for capital, whether it be for a start-up or even a series B. While later capital rounds are more complex, and the requirements change somewhat to have more information on the capital structure, the concept is the same.

Your job as a leader is to inspire, in the simplest way possible, more interest in your basic business concept. Aside from all the background information that you’ll need to do to get here, resist the temptation to overshare. Capital savvy people want to be inspired by an idea, the basic economics, and especially the CEO’s ability to make ideas successful.

So, I’ve attached a deck that is a guideline for operators and entrepreneurs looking for capital from others, to help guide their storytelling. Please remember that this is a story, and engage the help of the best storytellers that you know or can find which may include marketers, finance experts, and even great speakers. It’s critical that you’ve worked with your team to build a comprehensive business plan before jumping into the investor deck, as the business plan is the foundation of this process. Also, when you present the investor presentation and then take in questions from investors, you’ll need to be able to answer such questions quickly.

With the attached presentation, I’ve been most successful in starting with the Overview to form an outline before filling out each slide. The critical part of outlining is making sure that you have a great story arch that pulls in the viewer with interest and intrigue. Remember, investor pitches are often fourty-five minutes to one hour, but if you lose the viewer in the first few minutes, you’re likely never to get them back. Focus on creating a compelling story at the outset, engaging and entertaining, rather than just showcasing and educating. Once you have the outline to a point where you’re comfortable with its entertainment value, then you can begin with curating the slide deck.

When you open the attached document and begin laying out your journey, please keep in mind that these are guideposts to help you. Every product and industry is different and may need some additional detail. If you feel it strengthens the story, feel free to add it, but our caution is that you limit yourself to no more than 20 slides. Detail can be provided upon request, but the summary has to engage the hearts and minds before you’ll be invited to provide details.

Beyond this, just remember to keep your viewer in mind- minimize the jargon and maximize your use of analogies throughout the presentation. The best presentations end up being off-script conversations lightly guided by what you have to explain in your slides, where the product, strategy, and revenue opportunity are clear.

Remember that we are here to help you navigate these waters from planning to execution if you find that you are lost.

Investor Deck Template Keynote (Mac)

Investor Deck Template PDF