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Top 10 Things to Review in Strategic Marketing

Strategic Marketing Evaluation

Top 10 Areas to Inspect in Your Consumer Marketing

I received a call from an old friend that wanted some advice about how to isolate and prioritize issues in the casino space for a casino on the east coast. The casino is in a prime location, within 1 mile of wealthier and older people, but is struggling to acquire and retain customers. “What’s your top 10?” he asked. I really have five priority ones, but I’ll make it ten.

I’ll preface this list with it being targeted at casino leaders and marketers. For B2B2C companies, I would need more information about customers and suppliers, distribution channels, and I would prefer to complete this by the dominant geographic region. Without further adieu…

  1. Goal: What are the goals and expectations of the project? Paint success for me to make sure that we are aligned in what’s to be provided.
  2. 5 Forces Analysis On the Local Market: Who/what are the competition, customer, suppliers, barriers to entry, and threats of substitution
  3. Brand: Are we motivating and inspiring team members and customers to be part of our team? What data do we have about our customers’ perceptions of the market including us? Are people aware of our message? What are the key messages?
  4. People: Are the right people on the bus to help the team get to the destination? Do people understand their roles? Are the roles the right one for the job at hand? Do they have the tool to succeed?
  5. Processes: Have the right processes been created within the department and across the organization? How do they work? Are they effective?
  6. Products: Are we aligned with providing the best products at the best value to consumers when they want them? Are we ready at the right time and available where they can find us?
  7. Technology: Have we used technology to make the customer experience as easy as possible?
  8. Customer Lifetime Value: This is the mega-indicator that with the reporting of its parts will shed light on the key areas of customer problems. It incorporates acquisition, retention, frequency, and spend.
  9. Net Promoter Score: A subset process that can be used in enacting operational changes that will move customer lifetime value.
  10. Omni-channel marketing attribution: How are the customers being segmented, targeted, and positioned to connect with the brand? What’s being used and how effective is it? How are we testing?