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Subscription Revenue Template

Subscription Revenue Model

Planning Template for an online app- Freemium to Paid

There are many templates available for freemium to paid subscription models. Here’s one that I used, which has been sanitized from other projects that I’ve done.

Make sure to take time to understand the levers in this model, it’s easy to use but also misuse without taking time to understand how it works. Everything in blue is sensitive and can be changed. So, if it’s in blue, it means you!

The current template is set up such that a marketing campaign launches every two months with content, thereby generating users. I would caution you to think about what type of app you are launching as this will have big implications for the survival rate and sign-up rates of the customers. If your app is social, procuring large network effects, you may see an increase in rates of sign-up over the same cohort in freemium and paid, rather than a decline.

I’m providing this model so that as you plan your app launch strategy, you can begin to understand how marketing costs and rates of subscription may relate to one another. I have other, more complicated models that estimate customer lifetime value and the cost per acquisition, but this is a great start.

Subscription Model Template